Kemba Walker Going Pro, Perry Jones Staying at Baylor

Two of the top talents in college basketball have officially made their decision as to where they’ll be playing next season, and one particular decision may come as a surprise.

Kemba Walker of the national champion UConn Huskies will be heading to the NBA Draft in June, which is a shocker to absolutely no one.

Meanwhile, freshman phenom Perry Jones has decided to stay at Baylor, and personally, I find this somewhat surprising.

As for Walker, again, this is no surprise. He led UConn on one of the most memorable post-season runs we’ve seen in a long time, and in doing that, he’s done pretty much everything he could do at Connecticut. He’ll be a Top 10 pick, so it was the perfect decision for him.

On the Jones side of things, I honestly thought he’d enter the draft.

There have been a lot of great players and athletes that have come out of college in recent years, but Jones is one of the best athletes we’ve seen in a while. The guy is just ridiculous.

Let’s also keep in mind that his freshmen season came to an abrupt end after the NCAA suspended him for a violation.

No matter when the guy comes out though (likely next year), I really believe that he’s going to be very successful in the league. There’s still some things he needs to work on, but now that’s he’s coming back, he’ll get a chance to polish up some of those skills before entering the draft.

But Jones’ decision to stay does guarantee one thing: this draft is even weaker.

I’m not saying that some of these players won’t go on to do big things in the NBA, but on paper, this looks like one of the weaker drafts in recent years. And that’s what we said when we thought Jones was gonna come out early.

But hey, someone will gain from this, and it might even be Kemba. Certain players will move up now that Jones is out, as most felt like he would be one of the top picks in the draft.

I hate to see a player like Kemba leave the college game, but at least we get to watch Jones grow at Baylor before cashing in next year.

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