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Derrick Williams Entering the Draft

Well, we finally know the decision of the potential top pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, as Arizona’s Derrick Williams has officially declared for the draft and will hire an agent.

We all thought there was an outside chance that Williams might return to Arizona, which probably would have made them a Top 5 team next season.

But in the end, the fact of the matter is that he could be the top overall pick in June, and that’s something very few players can pass up.

As we’ve talked about plenty of times before, many feel like this is one of the weaker draft classes in recent years.

That’ll mean nothing to Williams though if NBA commissioner David Stern calls his name as the first pick in the draft. We can speculate all we want as to the depth of this upcoming draft, but until players get aligned with their new team, and see how they fit in with that team, we really don’t know how they are going to pan out.

Williams isn’t guaranteed to be a star, and the 48th pick in the draft isn’t guaranteed to be a bust. It all depends on the situation.

With Jared Sullinger and Perry Jones staying in school, Williams looks to have the best chance to land that top spot. Kyrie Irving will be a challenge for it as well, but if we look at things as they stand right now, Williams is likely gonna be the number one pick.

He has all the skills to succeed as the next level, and I think he’ll turn out to be a very good pro.

Regardless of which team he joins, in the NBA, if you’ve got the skill, you’ll find a way to stand out. Whether your team wins 60 games or 20 games, if you are a great player, you can make an impact.

We’ll see where Williams goes, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s a top three pick.

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