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Conference Expansion: Big East to Start Pursuing New Members?

So in case you haven’t heard, there’s this little thing called “conference expansion” that has taken over the headlines in college athletics in recent months.

Pretty much all of the top-tier conferences have been involved, and all the shuffling has started to really change certain conferences.

One conference that has been affected quite a bit is the Big East, who lost both Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC, and could very well lose a school like UConn as well depending on whether the Huskies try to seriously pursue membership in the ACC.

In order to replace those schools, the Big East has to be proactive in searching for new members. And today, the presidents of all the schools within the conference voted to give Big East commissioner John Marinatto the right to do just that.

Which of course starts the speculation as to who the Big East will bring in.

From a football standpoint, it’s easy to see why they would go after schools like Air Force and Navy. But from a basketball standpoint, that’s where things get a little more trickier.

I can’t really see any of the service academies joining the conference for basketball, which means that Marinatto and company will likely have to turn to schools like Temple and East Carolina.

Sure, neither of those teams are national powers, but they would both be serviceable in both sports. Although it has become increasingly clear that basketball simply isn’t at the top of priorities right now in this particular scenario. This is a football-driven phenomenon.

It’ll be interesting to see where the Big East goes next. They don’t particularly have a ton of options at this point, so they’ve got some major work to do.

But hey, after everything that happened last month, at least the conference still exists, right?

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