November 9, 2012; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Florida Gators guard Michael Frazier II (20) passes the ball as Georgetown Hoyas forward Otto Porter (22) defends during the first half at the Navy-Marine Corps Classic aboard the USS Bataan. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

Florida-Georgetown Game Aboard USS Bataan Called at Halftime

Florida took a 27-23 lead over Georgetown into halftime, but never got the chance to defend it in the second half.

Two hours after the Carrier Classic was scrapped entirely because of an unplayable floor surface and two days after the Battle of the Midway was rescheduled due to forecasts of inclement weather, the Florida-Georgetown season-opener aboard the USS Bataan was called midway through its completion because of floor condensation.

Ladies and gentlemen, why basketball cannot be played outdoors at night in areas of high humidity.

Gators forward Will Yeguette had led all scorers with eight points on four of five shooting, but his impressive first half will not appear in the archives or added to his season totals. On the recommendation of Billy Donovan, both coaches and all three officials agreed to wipe out the game lest a player get injured. The game will not be rescheduled.

The Carrier Classic, pitting No. 4 Ohio State against Marquette, was cancelled moments before tip-off earlier tonight due to similar issues of floor condensation. There will be no make-up game for that event either.

The Battle of the Midway, a match-up featuring Syracuse and San Diego State off the coast of California, was pushed back from its originally scheduled Friday start-time to Sunday afternoon. Weather, again, dictated the scheduling change.

Two ballyhooed, season-opening games scheduled to be played outdoors have been lost and a third rescheduled because of inadequate pre-planning by those responsible for organizing the events. All the money invested in sponsorships, advertising, facility costs and travel expenses, yet no contingency plan was hatched in the event of inclement weather? It didn’t dawn on any of the sage architects of the event that condensation is an issue late at night, when the temperature drops, in coastal areas?

If this silly, albeit amusing, outdoor fad must endure in this sport, next time make sure there’s a backup gym nearby or a larger grounds crew on call. Tonight’s developments are utterly unacceptable, even if players from any of the four teams involved glibly insist that the experience was still worth their time.

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