Duke vs. Michigan State: Evaluating Jabari Parker’s Two Finalists

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Wherever Jabari Parker chooses to play his college ball—we’ll know for certain one week from today—he’ll be in good hands.

Duke and Michigan State are the two prohibitive favorites to land the Simeon sensation, reducing the battle for one of the nation’s most coveted recruits to a pair of larger-than-life coaches. It’s a win-win opportunity for Parker, who says he’s still considering BYU, Florida and Stanford as well. He can play for a Hall of Fame head coach—perhaps the best of all-time—or a future Hall of Famer who has earned the reputation as the best team developer [from the start of the season to the end] in the game.

To the winner of the Parker derby goes early consideration for preseason No. 1 accolades next season. Both Duke and Michigan State are positioned to field loaded rosters next season—especially at the 1-4 spots—even without the Chicago hoops star. Adding Parker to the mix could put either team over the top.

In short, Parker can’t lose with his decision. He’ll be playing for a legendary hoops curator and on a talented team capable of winning a national championship either way. As importantly, the 6-foot-8 forward is sure to play in a culture conducive to producing NBA talent.

That’s not to say, however, Duke and Michigan State are on equal footing. No two schools are. With that in mind, Busting Brackets has weighed several important criteria—comparing Parker’s two finalists category by category—in an effort to pin down the best match for the nation’s No. 2 overall recruit.

Check out the results after the jump.

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