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Cliff Alexander Releases List of 10 Schools

Cliff Alexander, the second ranked recruit for the 2014 class, released a list of 10 contending schools. ESPN reported yesterday that the Power Forward from Chicago will now decide between those 10 teams.

The list consists of Kansas, Michigan State, Kentucky, Louisville, Illinois, DePaul, Indiana, Memphis, Baylor and Arizona. So far, it does not seem like Alexander has a school preference over an other in that list of 10.

Of course we have the usual suspects like Kentucky and Kansas but a few of the schools there would greatly benefit from getting a player like Alexander. Schools like Illinois and Depaul might have a good advantage considering Alexander’s Chicago roots. Both schools would definitely receive a great boost from getting a big time player like the young power forward.

Another school that should be highlighted is Memphis, a school that has simply not had as much recruiting pull since Calipari left for Kentucky. Managing to lure a highly ranked recruit like Alexander would certainly up the school’s profile a notch or two. That is something that might even be better in the long term than getting a player like Alexander because it would lend Memphis a great boost in reputation.

Much of Alexander’s game is based on his athleticism and leaping ability. He is as flashy as they come and he has a flair for the dramatic. He stands at only 6″8, a little undersized for a power forward but he has incredibly long arms giving him a 7″2 wingspan. He is also well built and does not need to add any bulk in terms of keeping up in the low post. Defensively he is basically non existent and he needs to work on his fundamentals but as a high school prospect, he is incredibly solid.

Whatever team he eventually decides to commit to, that school will be a competitive institution in 2015. Another little fun wrinkle is that Jahlil Okafor, 2014’s top recruit, has also ranked Illinois among his final choices. Fighting Illini fans can go to bed tonight dreaming of a 1-2 punch of amazing freshman down in the post. If that were to happen, they would instantly become heavy favorites for the 2015 championship.

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