Florida's Walker's Status Still Unknown

Yesterday, some news came out that incoming Florida freshman Chris Walker would be deemed academically ineligible to play next season. The reports started on twitter in tweets that have since been deleted. Later on in the day, it was then reported that he would not be ineligible and that no decision had been made yet. The truth is, no one knows yet as Walker is still working towards being able to take the court next year.

In order to be allowed to play, Walker has to complete three online classes and an improve his ACT scores. This was reported by the Gainesville Sun back in June. It seems like the situation has yet to change and Walker is still working away at those classes.

His high school coach, Poe White, claims that Walker has been working really hard at passing his classes and making himself eligible for the Gators.

“He’s a little frustrated, but he knows in order to live out his childhood dream that he needs to keep working hard at it,” White said. “If he doesn’t make it, it won’t be for a lack of trying.”

If Walker struggles with his current class, he always has the option to add another summer class or online class as a way to boost his GPA. The Gators begin classes on August 21st so that it is when Walker would need to be all set in order to play in the fall semester.

Failing that, Walker could always red shirt in the fall, work away at making himself able to play and then play in January for the start of the SEC season. Without Walker, Florida is losing a major weapon but having him back for the SEC would help their chances a big deal. In the meantime, incoming point guard Kasey Hill would be to handle the offensive load and weather the storm that would be the non conference season without Walker.

Ultimately, the odds are low that Walker is unable to play his whole freshman season are lo. Provided he puts in the work on the educational side, he will have the chance to show his talents on the court for the Gators.

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