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Two Prime Prep Players May be Ineligible

There are currently conflicting reports out there regarding whether or not a couple of players from Prime Prep school, out of Dallas, TX, are eligible to play in the NCAA next year. According to ESPN and their “multiple sources”, Jordan Mickey, an incoming freshman at LCU and Karviar Sheperd, headed to TCU, have been ruled ineligible by the NCAA. College Basketball Talk however, is reporting that Prime Prep has not heard anything from the NCAA and as far as the school is concerned, they are all set to start their division one career this year.

Both players had great GPAs and they are no academic issues regarding their high school careers. The problem appears to be that they transferred from another school to Prime Prep and may be short some credits because of it. It could also have to due with Prime Prep not meeting the NCAA’s standards to be part of NCAA acceptable schools. If the latter is the case, the school outright lied on their website when they boasted about being accepted into NCAA memberships.

“We are pleased to announce that Prime Prep Academy has successfully completed all preliminary steps necessary for NCAA membership! As a result of this milestone, all prospective student athletes are eligible for individual review through the NCAA initial eligibility process. This will enable students to attend and receive scholarships from Division 1 and Division 2 college institutions. Once again, Prime Prep Academy continues to make strides for students both academically and in the athletic department. We anticipate a great partnership with the NCAA.”

According to College Basketball Talk and Prime’s head coach, Ray Forsett, no official decision has been made on the kids’ future.

“We haven’t heard anything yet from the NCAA,” Ray Forsett, Prime Prep’s head coach, told “We’re holding out hope that they’ll make the right decision for the kids involved.”

The fact that ESPN is reporting this and claims it is coming from more than one source and Forsett said “they hope they’ll make the right decision” makes it sound like he knows what is coming. If the kids are in fact deemed ineligible and it is the school’s fault, someone will need to be held accountable. The two players were good students who transferred to the school in good faith that they would be able to qualify for the NCAA. They thought that because that is what they were told. It’s not like the players in question had terrible GPAs and bad attendance, they worked hard to get where they are and should be allowed to reap the rewards.

This might also scare away top prospects from attending Prime in the future. Currently, Emmanuel Mudiay a top five player in the 2014 recruiting class and Elijah Thomas, a top ten player in 2015, are enrolled at the school but they could easily lose both of those players to transfers if this report turns out to be true. You can be certain that I would not trust a school if two of their players who thought they were eligible were suddenly declared unfit for NCAA competition.

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