Mar 28, 2013; Washington, D.C., USA; The Miami Hurricanes bench react during the second half of the semifinals of the East regional of the 2013 NCAA Tournament against the Marquette Golden Eagles at the Verizon Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

New Jerseys and Courts Update

There have been a lot of style changes, both for jerseys and hardwood, in the last few days. So here is a quick recap of some of the changes some teams have made.

San Jose State has a new court design. While they might have been going for something different, it doesn’t come out looking great. The Spartans in the middle of the court make everything look incredibly busy and takes away from the center court logo. It will make watching home games tough because there is just so much going on the court itself.

Marshall also has a new court and unlike San Jose State, they decided to go for simplicity. The green trim around the court looks very nice and the logo in the middle of the court may be standard but it looks nice. There is a reason most courts go with the same formula, you don’t try to tinker with something that works.

Miami decided to embrace its colors and went full orange. There is orange and then there is bright neon orange and it looks like the Hurricanes have decided to go for the latter. While the design is not bad at all, it is hard to look at the jerseys without sun glasses on. Maybe the strategy here is to make it impossible for defenders to see the ball past the brightness of the jerseys?

UCF also decided to roll out some new jerseys for 2013-14. While it is a fairly popular trend in basketball, I have never been a fan of pinstripes on basketball jerseys. This is the case with these jerseys, which I find look like sleeveless baseball shirts. The other problem, and this one appears to be universally agreed upon, is that UCF decided not to put pinstripes on the back of the jerseys, making it look like a factory error.

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