Jan 18, 2014; Storrs, CT, USA; Connecticut Huskies head coach Kevin Ollie is ejected from the game as they take on the Louisville Cardinals in the second half at Harry A. Gampel Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Ollie goes WWE like crazy, gets booted from game (video)

Whatcha going to do, brother, when Kevin Ollie and his mean mustache go wild on you?

Well, at least the referees knew what they were going to do.

During the Connecticut Huskies game against the Louisville Cardinals on Saturday night — which resulted in a UConn loss — Ollie went all kinds of WWE like crazy after a strange no-call.

Don’t believe me? Watch the footage:

The refs are super lucky Ollie didn’t drop the bow or go to the top turnbuckle for his finishing move — which I can only assume is a shooting star press.

There is a lot to this ejection. What is actually a foul? Should the ref who ejected Ollie understood the circumstances a little bit more and possibly let Ollie have a little more rope? Who knows. Well, someone does, but it’s all a little bit murky.

Contact certainly happened on the attempted jumper, and the free-world certainly knows that fouls are being called at a humorously rapid rate, but no-calls like that happen often. You know, when the offensive player isn’t really looking to score, but only looking to draw contact. Personally, however, I think if there is significant enough contact, a foul should be called.

Then there is the idea that Ollie was tossed a little too early. This is very conflicting to me. I am pro anything to do with Kevin Ollie. I love his mustache, how he is keeping UConn relevant in the post grumpy uncle Jim Calhoun era and that he allows me to type the word mustache and not do so while following it with an arrest warrant type statement. Regardless, with the iffy no-call being factored in, I would have let Ollie stick around or at least not toss him out so quickly.

But I guess that is why I am a typer and not a whistle-blower or something.


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