Feb 9, 2014; Stillwater , OK, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys guard Marcus Smart talks to the media at Gallagher-Iba Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Blogger called out by Marcus Smart during a game on Twitter

Oklahoma State Cowboys guard, Marcus Smart, can ill-afford to be reckless for the rest of his college basketball career. Because of some play on the court that isn’t always great, his team struggling and Smart’s sometimes iffy decisions, it looks like coming back to school for another year might have bit him in the rear.

So you would think all of that — especially after the Texas Tech incident — would make Smart think twice before doing something that might be deemed inappropriate. Well, not so fast my friends.

(H/T to CBT for bringing this to our attention)

During Oklahoma State’s game (and eventual loss to) against Baylor, Smart took to the mean streets of Twitter to fight with a blogger.

Smart was not done (Also, *you’re).

It needs to be said before some of the over-reactionary types go bonkers. This is NOT that big of a deal. Despite it being Smart going after a blogger, it is pretty close to anyone of us attempting to take down a troll. Granted, the person Smart was attacking is a blogger and not an actual troll by definition, but that is likely how Smart felt.

Really, Smart probably thought he was sticking up for his team and whatnot. However, doing so opened up another floodgate of bad jokes, bad “hot sports takes” and general shenanigans.

Dude was trying too hard there. Not to mention it wasn’t that funny.

I doubt many will fall on the same side as me on this, but this is a non-issue issue. Folks will say Marcus Smart would be better off doing “insert something here” instead of tweeting during a game. Because, you know, there is a ton he can do while not playing during a game.

The rest of today will be interesting to see how mainstream media reacts and if this gets any national exposure. Some talking-heads might use it to help push their Smart is whatever narrative. Let’s hope not, though. This low hanging fruit is not even tasty.

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