Jan 22, 2014; Tampa, FL, USA; Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino against the South Florida Bulls during the first half at USF Sun Dome. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Pitino says you're a dope, loser and an underachiever

Louisville Cardinals coach, Rick Pitino, has a few qualities that I really like. One of them being his daily ability to increasingly look more and more like Al Pacino, the other being his sometimes brutal honesty.

Well, Pitino has done it again. He spoke, we listened and now the entire world knows you (yeah, you) are a loser.

H/T @Trevor_Adams

H/T @Trevor_Adams

Rick Pitino is not wrong.

I’ll never understand people who gauge success as how many followers they have. Also, who in the heck takes the time out of their day to troll a person, take shots at someone they don’t know and do all of that while working 20 hours a week at their local burger joint?

Apparently, because idiots I guess, some people are actually offended by this. Like, they are mad at Pitino for having an opinion about social media. So they are mad at someone for having an opinion about a thing they use to mumble theirs or something.

Here is the thing to all of you super active tweeters, how do you find the time to do stuff and have the opinions about things you tweet about? I mean if you’re tweeting 492 times during a game, how did you even pay attention to know whether or not a player is good?

There is nothing wrong with using Twitter, mind you. I use it all the time. However, Pitino was just trying to highlight the fact that people use that thing like a crutch or some form of device that is the end all be all for the world. It’s not. It is just us talking to people we don’t know, all while plugging out stuff or shouting our opinions, biases and spew as pretend fact.

Pitino will get crushed all day on Twitter because he bashed Twitter users. It makes sense. But if you’re “offended” by this while there are far worse things going on, you should probably get your head checked.

Finally, for those of you who jumped straight to taking personal shots at Pitino, the quotes have been largely taken out of context. So there is also the whole issue of some of you being mad over nothing.

Okay. Now let me go plug this via a Tweet.

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