Feb 19, 2014; Syracuse, NY, USA; Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim reacts to a play during the second half of a game against the Boston College Eagles at the Carrier Dome. Boston College won the game in overtime 62-59. Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Boeheim complains about another coach complaining

Syracuse Orange head coach, Jim Boeheim, is a lot of different things. Successful, legendary, a meme gift giver, and a living legend. He also has some negative characteristics. Like, um, grumpy and whatnot. All of which make him a fully licensed and practicing member of the human species.

However, Boeheim can use a little more work on his timing. Say, not complaining about another coach complaining just days after going all sorts of bonkers in a game — because Complainfest 2014.

In Syracuse’s victory over Maryland last night, Boeheim took the press conference to do what coaches do, complain about officials. Oddly, though, he also took the time to take jabs at Maryland coach, Mark Turgeon.

Like Boeheim — and every other warmblooded basketball coach — Turgeon was non-too-pleased with the referees. Grumpy Uncle Jim, however, thought if anyone should be complaining that it should be him. You know, the whole battle of whose right it is to be a whiner or something.

During the press conference, not only did Jim Boeheim take the time to make it a point that he (and only he) should be the one complaining, but took a second to throw a sneaky left jab at Turgeon.

(quotes via USA Today)

“Well, first off, let me tell you this: They shot 27 free throws. If anyone is going to complain about the officiating, I’m going to complain,” Boeheim said bluntly. “I think I did enough of that Saturday.

“There were five times when we were going to the basket that there was no foul. If you wanna clap about one play, I’ll talk about five times. If (Maryland) didn’t turn it over 18 times, they wouldn’t have had to worry about that. You wanna complain about that foul?”

If I am to understand all of this in the simplest terms possible; Boeheim is okay with costing his team a game by getting double-technicals in a fit of rage, but other coaches are not allowed to voice their displeasure because turnovers mean more than life itself or something.

Likely something, but whatevs.

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