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Ineligible teams allowed to participate in SWAC Tournament

Want to make convoluted, confusing and probably unneeded rules matter about as much as a punch in the gut with a pillow? Well, how about we do all of that while we also set a precedent of weirdness to go hand-in-hand with such rules? If all of that sounds swell, well the SWAC has some kind of deal for you.

The league currently has four teams that were ruled ineligible for the postseason because they were not up to code with their APR (Academic Progress Rates). Which is a big push the NCAA has (supposedly) been making to show that they really do care about how student-athletes do in school.

Want to know what the NCAA, the SWAC, and the like all care about more? Cash money, homes.

The SWAC is apparently allowing all four teams to participate in their postseason tournament. It’s confusing because the SWAC does get an automatic bid for the NCAA Tournament via their tourney champion. Thankfully for the greedy, though, the NCAA as well as the SWAC have apparently figured it out.

(via USAToday)

In response to a request from the Southwestern Athletic Conference, the Division I Men’s and Women’s Basketball Committees will allow the conference to amend its automatic qualification policy for the 2014 championships only.

The conference tournaments will still determine the automatic berths into both NCAA championships. The eligible team that advances furthest in the conference tournaments will receive the automatic berth to the NCAA championships. In the event of a tie (for example, all tournament-eligible teams are eliminated in the same round), the automatic berth will go to the highest-seeded team.

The process will be revisited when the men’s and women’s basketball committees meet in the summer.

So the SWAC Tournament doesn’t really matter because a team can finish in third or fourth and be granted an automatic bid? That sounds, um, slick.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The SWAC and the NCAA are not doing this for altruistic reasons or to give the ineligible programs the benefit of the doubt. I think the great, wise and always on point Wu-Tang Clan can sum this up best:

ODB would have made a great NCAA (and apparently SWAC) commissioner.

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