Busting Brackets is looking for talented, witty and insightful writers

Busting Brackets is currently in the middle of our offseason. While players are transferring, getting recruited and coaches are changing locations, so too has our staff. So, yeah, Busting Brackets is looking to add more talent to our team.

First, let’s talk about the requirements. There’s none. Outside of having great passion for college basketball, a thirst for information and the ability to share it via smashing your fingers off of your keyboard.

Why Write for Busting Brackets?

Because awesome, that’s why. This past season saw the Busting Brackets’ readership grow from a point of nothing (a relaunch of the site happened) to hundreds-of-thousands of hits by the end of the NCAA Tournament.

Our writers have also had the opportunity to interview some pretty exciting people in our field. Over the past few months, just to name a few, our writers have interviewed Jay Bilas, Dan Dakich, Jay Williams, Rob Dauster and Troy Machir.

Really, what I am trying to say while barely humble bragging, is that the sky is the limit at BB for you the writer.

Still Interested?

With that being said, however, there is a commitment required to join. Below will be a list of current available openings, that position’s level of commitment and things of that nature.

Features Writer/Columnist

Pretty much exactly what you think it is. This writer would be responsible to write insightful, smart and awesome features for our readership. The good news, if you consider it good, is that you will only be required to do one feature/column a week. Now, you will be free to do more than that, but let’s not jump the gun on something like that yet, okay?

News Desk

This is essentially a high-volume blogging position. A candidate for this position must possess the ability to keep up with the news as it happens. The requirements for posting on this position are certainly negotiable and would not prevent you from doing features, as long as your primary job is covered. Like a featured writer, this position requires (on average) a minimum of four posts a month.

How to Proceed

If you have any questions about the positions open, or one you want to invent, feel free to email me at [email protected] (you can also be referred for the position this way as well).

If you happen to be as golden as a goose (or something?), submit an application to be a member of our team here. Just make sure you put Busting Brackets as your desired writing destination.

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