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Rashad McCants claims paper-class system used at North Carolina

Former North Carolina Tar Heels star, Rashad McCants, has made some incredibly outrageous claims against his former place of higher-learning. McCants spoke to ESPN’s Outside The Lines and, well, basically dropped napalm all over the university.

Almost everyone is familiar with the UNC paper-class scandal at this point. To quickly recap: Mary Willingham, a former UNC employee turned whistleblower, questioned the literacy rates of athletes who attended the school. Between the school trying to discredit her, to others blindly believing everything she said, that aspect of the scandal always felt more like a “he said, she said” rather than anyone ever getting actual facts to the general population’s eyeballs.

However, Rashad McCants coming out, adding his own alleged accounts into everything going on with North Carolina, certainly does not help the university’s perception.

McCants claims that he took paper-classes. That tutors wrote his term papers, he only attended around half of his classes and he only remained eligible to play because he took paper-classes designed to keep athletes academically eligible.

The biggest allegation out of McCants’ OTL interview was the fact that he claims UNC coach Roy Williams knew about the paper-classes. Meaning, Roy Williams was complicit in breaking rules, altering the lives of many, all in the name of winning basketball games.

McCants, who has a bad relationship with Williams to begin with, would go on to talk about why he thought it was okay he was going along with this at the time:

“I thought it was a part of the college experience, just like watching it on a movie from ‘He Got Game’ or ‘Blue Chips,'” McCants said. “… when you get to college, you don’t go to class, you don’t do nothing, you just show up and play. That’s exactly how it was, you know, and I think that was the tradition of college basketball, or college, period, any sport. You’re not there to get an education, though they tell you that.”

Before people jump the gun on killing UNC or admonishing them. I suggest we let this puppy play out.


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