Harrison Twins and Julius Randle a Package Deal? Don’t Count on It

Recruiting rumors are like soap bubbles. They can be produced in bulk by the smallest of wands and the slightest blow of air. And they can be popped with equally little effort, the tiniest of needles or the softest puff.

Recent rumblings around the blogosphere have posited a potential package deal involving Prestonwood star Julius Randle and the Harrison twins, Andrew and Aaron. The triumvirate of top five recruits in the class of 2013, the rumor has it, could all choose Kentucky.

Allow me to be the first to burst that bubble.

Multiple people I’ve spoken to close to the recruitments of Randle and the Harrison brothers insist there is “little to no chance” the bruising forward and sibling guards will team up together to form another mega recruiting class at UK.

Andrew and Aaron Harrison will play their college ball at the same school—likely at Kentucky or Maryland, the two presumed leaders in their recruitment—but several reliable sources have informed me that Randle would be unlikely to follow the twins were they to join Big Blue. Randle, who is planning to make a spring decision during the late signing period, will pledge his commitment long after the Harrison boys have settled on their new schools.

If the Harrison twins commit to UK, I’m told Randle would be inclined to look elsewhere. The Texas Titans star is leery about sharing the spotlight with the Harrisons, who have gained a notorious reputation around the AAU circuits as me-first ball-stoppers (then again, who isn’t these days?).

The best recruiting tag team in seemingly ages, the Harrisons will make their official decision sometime in the fall, before the start of their senior season at Travis High School.

Kentucky and Maryland are the two frontrunners in the frenzied four-team race for the backcourt brothers. Though Baylor and Villanova also appear in the final four of the Harrisons’ list, one source tells Busting Brackets that UK and MD are well ahead of the pack.

By choosing the Cats over the Terps, the twins would open up the playing field for three other blue-toned bluebloods—Duke, Kansas and North Carolina—to swoop in on Randle. If, however, the Harrison boys skip over to Maryland—and I’m told this is a very viable option given Maryland’s ties to Under Armour, which outfits Maryland’s athletic department and funded the brothers this summer—Randle may opt to form a different recruiting tandem with Troy phenom James Young.

The Harrison twins may still choose Kentucky and they may very well form a “Big Three” or “Big Four” somewhere, perhaps with Andrew Wiggins, provided he reclassifies, or with James Young. Randle, however, won’t be part of any staunch package involving either Harrison.

You can pinch that bubble and begin chasing a new one.