Morgan State Suspends Head Coach Todd Bozeman

There are reports that Morgan State has suspended head coach Todd Bozeman after an alleged incident with MSU player Larry Bastfield that took place in a recent game at South Carolina State.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Some who viewed the incident in person, including school president George E. Cooper, thought that Bozeman had punched Bastfield in the face. Both Bozeman and Bastfield said Sunday night that the incident had been blown out of proportion.

But then there’s this little nugget later in the story:

But Christopher Johnson, a South Carolina State graduate who was attending the game, said that he and others clearly saw Bozeman strike the player and hear him yell at Bastfield moments later. Johnson said he was sitting in the front row of the upper level of the small gym.

It sounds like there will be plenty of more investigating here by Morgan State in order to figure out exactly what unfolded.

Either way, this definitely isn’t a good situation for someone like Bozeman who has had a bit of a trouble history as a head coach and didn’t need something like this to get stirred up.

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