Kwame Alexander Can Dunk A Basketball (Video)

The picture above is not of Cal State San Bernardino’s Kwame Alexander. Most Tennessee fans would probably tell you that pretty quickly.

Instead, since pictures of Division II basketball players aren’t exactly easy to find, it’s of Vols guard Cameron Tatum, as he tries to dunk over a South Carolina player.

What do the two have to do with each other? Well, not a whole lot.

However, after you watch the video below of Alexander, you’ll see that he attempts a dunk in a similar situation (defender steps up to take a charge as the offensive player flies through the air for a jam).

What happens next is probably one of the better dunks we’ve seen in college basketball this season. It’s seriously that good.

Go ahead and check it out for yourself (a tip of the cap to Yahoo’s Jeff Eisenberg for posting this on The Dagger):

I know defenders are always told to try and take a charge when a player comes flying through the lane. But in this case, we probably could have let this guy slide if he had just moved out of the way when Alexander began to take flight.

And that’s only the beginning for this guy. YouTube his name and you’ll find plenty of more videos showcasing his dunking ability.

Given his track record, expect another great dunk sooner rather than later.

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