Nov 29, 2013; Gainesville, FL, USA; Florida Gators head coach Billy Donovan looks at a referee in the first half of a game against the Florida State Seminoles at the Stephen C. O

Florida Gators Get First Class Treatment From Delta Airlines

I’m not saying athletic programs should get preferential treatment or that regular folk are a lower on the human species food chain, but Delta might be whispering sentiments like that behind closed doors. According to the Gainesville Sun, Delta decided to bump a slew of normal people (like us) in favor of getting the Florida Gators basketball team to their game on time.

Supposedly, Delta was sneaky enough to not let the normal passengers know that they planned on boarding the basketball team, but not cunning enough to, you know, sneak the players on it. Apparently, a slew of the people who were told their flight was cancelled were able to see the Florida Gators boarding what was supposed to be their ride home.

Naturally — because karma is neat — Florida ended up losing Monday night to the Connecticut Huskies, dropping their record to 6-2. Proving, yet again, airlines don’t know what is good for their customers or something — likely something, but whatevs.

A spokesmen for the Florida Gators said he was unaware of the situation. Which makes sense. I mean, how often does Delta let their passengers know what is what? Nevertheless tell one group of people they were going to bump another group of people so they could play a game.

Anyone who has ever flown, hops on aircars* (*patent pending) regularly, or has ever dealt with how hard it is to travel, undoubdtedly knows how frustrating that situation must be for the people who were kicked to the curb.

I know I would be so angry that I might decide to choose a different airline. Well, that would be right before the new airline took advantage of me.



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