Busting Brackets CBB Town Square meeting while sitting at a Roundtable

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Does our Town Square meeting at a roundtable look anything as professional as this? Nope. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

You have all read, heard or seen roundtable discussions before. Heck, you have even gone to a town square meeting or two back in your day as a protester in college. But man, you have probably (at least not likely because I make stuff up) never been to a town square meeting while the discussion is being had at a roundtable before.

Truth be told, I wanted to call this the Busting Brackets Town Spongebob meeting while sitting at a circular-like table, but long titles are frowned upon by Google and folks who love search engines.

The TWMWSAAR (see what I did there?) will consist of staff members from Busting Brackets. The first answers they give will all be used with their first name. After that, though, it is abbreviations — sadly, nicknames were voted out.

Okay. Enough of this gibber-jabber. Let’s get this magical journey started.

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