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Story of the Day: Norwich University signs 10-year old leukemia survivor

Life can sometimes be a cruel, fickle little (expletive). Why a lot of us are on social media complaining about the weather, Starbucks not getting our coffee on time or other really unimportant things, some folks are going through some real life struggles. Like ten-year-old Jimmy Giroux — who has already battled and kicked the ever-living poop out of leukemia.

So yeah. Keep complaining about shoveling those sidewalks. Because while you are doing that Mr. Giroux is already living life in a way better way than you.

Unfortunately, however, Giroux’s ass-kicking of leukemia did come at a price. Much of the treatment he received did a lot of damage to his body. Some of which has to do with how his body will develop.

Thankfully, though, Norwich University didn’t see his body development as an issue. Instead, they recognized that they could use a fella who could take anything by the horns and do whatever it is that he wants with it. So the school has had him sign a Letter of Intent to join their basketball program, which will eventually begin with him leading the team in lay-up lines and some pep-talks to the players.

Listen, this is just a great story through and through. I am (obviously) not completed aware of everything that goes on with Norwich University, but I think it is safe to say that this is all kinds of awesome.

Below, I am going to link to several stories that have already covered this and where we got our information about it. I suggest you read and share them all.



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