Creighton bucket-maker Doug McDermott hits game winner (video)

Doug McDermott is the real deal. There is no arguing it. Sadly — well if you are a St. John’s Red Storm fan — guarding him is apparently optional. A good example of this would be last night’s game, when the Creighton Bluejays let an 18 points lead slip from their grasps. Luckily for them, however, McDermott was there to pick up the pieces.

I have so many questions that would certainly have nonsensical answers. Like, what in the free-world was St. John’s doing? Sure, putting your best defender on Doug McDermott is a good idea and all, but not having any help-defense around? Heck, all Steve Lavin had to do was yell something along the lines, “Just guard Dougie McBuckets for the love of everything holy with basketball!” and all the outcome might have been a little different.

To be fair, it was a transition bucket and McDermott did get a little bit of help from a screen. But still, it’s Doug McDermott — how can he be left that open?!

Creighton won the game, obviously, and continues to look like a legit team in the Big East Conference. As does McDermott as being the clear front-runner for the Big East POTY award as well as being a tippy-top Naismith Award candidate.

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