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Olney Central College guard John Brown with block then dunk (video)

The college basketball world is full of teams and players we have never heard of. For every program like the Duke Blue Devils who feature a name coach, future NBA players and a legacy that is touted by Dick Vitale more times than a homeless person uses a fish as a washcloth, there are programs no one has ever heard of like the great (albeit fictional) Club State Pool Cleaners.

There is also a program from Illinois called Olney Central College. Ring a bell? Of course not. If you said yes, well, you are a liar to the ninth degree or you go to school there.

Olney Central College (the OCC?) features a guard named John Brown. A pretty simple name for a kid with extraordinary powers, though.

(H/T to CBT for bringing this to the free-world’s attention)

That was John Brown the basketball player. Not John Brown a player you tried to create in a version of NBA Jam you scooped up while at your local video game retailer.

Brown averages a team-high 17.5 points per game for Olney Central College. That is great and all, but he will likely be forever remembered as the guy who blocked a shot, juked an official and dunked the ball right as time was expiring.

You win life, Olney Central College and John Brown. You win.

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