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Fisticuffs at the end of New Mexico State, Utah Valley game

We don’t often talk about the New Mexico State Aggies or the Utah Valley Wolverines, but when we do we make sure we post a Vine.

That is what the people in the business call (I’m not trying to get too technical on you, but) a battle of fans and players in a post court-storming environment while using fisticuffs.

Truth be told, though, none of this is fun. Something like this will only add fuel to the people who are against court-storming. Not saying they are wrong, but taking the outlier and acting as if is the norm trash.

To set the stage of the “brawl” a little bit better, let me paint a picture for you. The game went into overtime, the game was on Utah Valley’s home floor and they eventually won. Which, apparently, means Wolverines (not literally) storm the floor.

If you watch the video close enough you can see a New Mexico State player hurling a closed-hand toward a fan. Now, if you look even closer it looks like he is doing so because one of his teammates might be getting banged around. It’s really hard to tell, though.

Regardless, this is not a good thing for college basketball. Hopefully those that need to be punished, including the fans who might have been a little too wild, will.

(H/T CBT for bringing this to our attention and being a general awesome place)


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