Feb 19, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; DePaul Blue Demons head coach Oliver Purnell talks to his team during the first half against the Xavier Musketeers at the Cintas Center. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

DePaul loses because dead clowns, new coaching candidate emerges

We should probably start this off by acknowledge my weird, sometimes secret but always there, love for the DePaul Blue Demons. No, they are not my favorite team or anything like that. Heck, I don’t even know why I care about the well-being of their college basketball program as much as I do.

Nevertheless, I do. I, a person who really enjoys Ernest P. Worrell (which probably explains all of this), want DePaul to be good at basketball.

However, I’m not sure if DePaul wants DePaul to be good at basketball. Yeah I get it, unreasonable fans who won’t want to hear otherwise, the Blue Demons are tyring. But let’s be honest, Oliver Purnell should have been fired last year and the fact that the attendance this year hasn’t exactly been great, doesn’t scream school pride.

But I don’t blame you guys. Why go see the abomination that Purnell has helped create?

There is good news, though. After lots of research, scientific studies, and things of that nature, I can save all of us some time as to figuring out the current status of this version of the DePaul basketball program.


If you’re an optimist, take the gif not as an insult, but as a subtle way of saying DePaul’s basketball program can rise from the ashes.

But please, just fire Purnell already. I think I have somebody way more capable for the job anyway.

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