Mar 1, 2014; Hartford, CT, USA; Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Mick Cronin talks to an official as his team takes on the Connecticut Huskies in the second half at XL Center. UConn defeated the Cincinnati Bearcats 51-45. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Mick Cronin talks double standards after going bonkers on ref

Cincinnati Bearcats coach, Mick Cronin, went all kind of bonkers on Saturday when his Bearcats played the Connecticut Huskies. His angst was directed toward a referee for doing things in which (I guess) Cronin did not agree. This resulted in a lot of people judging Cronin on Twitter — because people have a Twitter account and their opinion is important.

Cronin’s frustration was directed toward Ted Valentine. For those unaware, Valentine is often referred to as TV Teddy, but not in a loving or caring way. Really, many feel that TV Teddy officiates games to help fuel his own ego.

Still, that does not excuse Cronin looking like a cross between the Leprechaun and a person on coke (the soda, not the drug. Get your mind out of the gutter, kids).

No matter, though. After the game Cronin was busy telling anyone who would listen about double standards. As in, the not so world-famous coaches get screamed at in their face, while the top-tier guys get the benefit of the doubt.

“My beef with that is guys like Mick Cronin and Buzz Williams (of Marquette) of the world, we deal with some of it,” Cronin told ESPN after the game. “When nobody gets in the Jim Boeheim’s face or Mike Krzyzewski’s face.”

Coaches who have been around for 30 years get treated differently? You don’t say Mick. Thanks for the breaking news.

Cronin is going to get a lot of heat for this. As well he should. Pushing his own players and assistant coaches is not cool. However, everyone is allowed a meltdown or two, right?

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