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2014 Big 12 Tournament Bracket: It be printable, baby

Are you interested in an awesome, FanSided version, printable Big 12 Tournament Bracket? Of course you are because basketball rules or something. Likely something, but whatever.

2014MarchMadness_Big12_FormIs that Big 12 Tournament Bracket not in the top-10 most sexy thing you have ever seen? Let’s put it this way, FanSided has outdone itself and are attempting to venture into the Bracket-Porn business. Just my opinion.

You can print that puppy out by using whatever print features your laptop, desktop or any other computer devices you have at your disposal. All you have to do is click on the bracket, it will get super-sized in your screen (we won’t even charge you an extra 35 cents on top of the zero you pay now) and you and your friends can play with Big 12 Tournament Bracket paper. I mean I don’t endorse gambling, but let’s just say I don’t oppose it either.

So what do you guys think? Who has the easiest road? How much gambling are you going to be doing during March? If you ate 47 lobsters, would you then become LobsterMan?

Okay. Print that out and gamble have fun with your friends.


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