2014 NCAA Tournament: Albany decides boxing out is optional (vid)

The Albany Great Danes keep battling with Mount St. Mary’s. This is good for us in our viewing pleasure as well as their chances at actually winning the game. It would help, however, if they attempted to boxout The Mount after free-throw attempts. I mean we are only suggesting such things. Winning in the First Four and advancing in the NCAA Tournament would probably be really swell for the program.

This game has stayed very entertaining since we last checked on you at the half. Although, if we were to be honest with you, we did not see an instance of fundamental basketball becoming optional.

It is also worth noting that Will Miller is putting on a show for Mount St. Mary’s. He just hit another three as I type this. Meaning that I am super slow on my YouTube abilities and he is super swell at hitting the shots from well behind the arc.

With just 6:34 seconds to go, the Great Danes lead 60-56.

So get to TruTV for the rest of this one before the second part of the First Four double-header kicks off. You should also come back to Busting Brackets because I like you and we are friends.

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