Mar 20, 2014; Spokane, WA, USA; San Diego State Aztecs head coach Steve Fisher instructs his team against the New Mexico State Aggies in the second half of a men

San Diego State coach Steve Fisher rips the NCAA

San Diego State may have been victorious in the Round of 64, but that doesn’t mean their head coach will allow NCAA stupidity slide. As in, Steve Fisher being (rightfully) mad over the NCAA’s ‘immediate vacate the premises following a loss’ rule.

His point being, that if a team were to lose that they shouldn’t be forced to leave that same night. Like, you know, let them at least sleep in the hotel before booting them back to being the forgotten student-athletes.

Fisher’s point felt extra poignant considering the circumstances following their game last night. San Diego State beat New Mexico State in a game that went to overtime. Not bad enough? Well, it didn’t end until 10:30 pm local time. Meaning, New Mexico State had to basically fly home during a normal person’s sleeping hours.

Here is the full press conference below:

It should be also noted that Steve Fisher made it clear that the Governing Body of College Sports does have enough loot to cover such expanses as letting student-athletes get sleep.

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