Mar 21, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; Kansas Jayhawks guard Andrew Wiggins (22) dunks the ball ahead of Eastern Kentucky Colonels guard Isaac McGlone (5), Glenn Cosey (0) and Marcus Lewis (12) in the first half during the 2nd round of the 2014 NCAA Men

Andrew Wiggins expected to announce NBA intentions, how to watch

We knew the day would soon come when Andrew Wiggins left the Kansas Jayhawks and decided to enter the NBA Draft. Well, it looks like that day is going to be Monday, March 31st.

Many media outlets are reporting that Wiggins is going to announce his intentions to enter the NBA Draft tomorrow in a press conference.

Which is swell and all, but what about you? You know, the person who is going to be at work or whatnot. How do you get to watch, listen, and/or get information about this supposed press conference?

Here, that’s how:

Andre Wiggins Press Conference

Expected to Announce Early Entry

March 31st

1 pm Easter Standard Time

Radio: *ESPN, Fox, most major outlets

TV: *ESPNews, no others yet confirmed

Live Steam: likely everyone (none confirmed yet)

*We will update the ways in which you can listen or watch as they become available. ESPNews, though, does usually carry such big events when they happen. So does ESPN Radio, for what it is worth.


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  • 6is9

    Make way for Oubre, Kansas fans!
    And for Alexander, the Player Slayer —
    He Who Owns The Rim!
    Next year finds Kansas returned to their traditional game
    Ball movement!
    Backdoor dunks!
    Lobs off the pick and roll!
    Throw downs in transition!
    We will see, I foresee (with reason!)
    A ferocity not even the greatest Kansas teams could match!
    An eleventh straight Big XII Crown is a given.
    Season and tournament both this year.
    Tell me who will take it?
    They will lose games, I’m sad to say
    (In the end it’s better that way)
    But not half as many games as this fine year.
    Five straight wins from where they left off?
    Honestly Homer?
    Honestly indeed!
    The ’14-’15 Jayhawk team
    Stand as good a chance of cutting ‘em down next April
    As any team in the land.
    A better chance than the D-league Lexington Wildcats
    And a better chance
    Than this year’s celebrated team ever did.

    Mark these words of Nostrildamus!

    Oh, and Myles, by the way
    Why in the world
    Would you find yourself anywhere
    But the Center of It All?