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Kevin Ware transferring to Georgia State

Kevin Ware is no longer a member of the Louisville Cardinals basketball program. This according to multiple sources and him tweeting about it on the mean streets of Twitter.

In case you’re not as hip as me, that tweet means that Kevin Ware is transferring to Georgia State.

Also, after a few moments passed, Ware would then tweet some of his new teammates about “turning it up” or something — I am far less him in the turning of vertical directions area, though. So that’s on you to figure out.

I have often joked about America’s weird need to make Ware a hero. That was never intended to be a knock against Ware the person or player, but just my way as wondering why the nation’s media had such an infatuation with him.

Oh, that’s right, a horrible injury in the NCAA Tournament and a crazy need to profit off it via glorifying Kevin Ware.

Let’s just hope that a new program, with less limelight and a fresh start is enough to keep Ware going and healthy.

Ware sat out last season with an injury. It is unknown if he will be immediately eligible to play, but it (should be) is safe to assume that a medical redshirt and all he went through (hardship waiver) could warrant it.

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