Marshall hires Dan D'Antoni to be their head coach

The Marshall Thundering Herd have finally hired a D’Antoni. Granted, it is the Dan D’Antoni variety and not the Mike D’Antoni version they previously coveted, but it is a D’Antoni nonetheless.

(Please don’t call him Mike. Please don’t call him Mike. Please don’t…)

Dan D’Antoni used to play for Marshall way back in the day. Just like his brother. Unlike Mike, though, Dan D’Antoni has yet to ruin the LA Lakers basketball franchise. So, um, there’s that.

That was Marshall’s athletic director making the news official the only way possible, on the mean streets of Twitter.

Also, side note, sure looks like Dan D’Antoni is dominating the heck out of Toledo there.

So, yay, Marshall fans. You got what you always wanted, right? A Marshall basketball program led by Coach D’Antoni.

Zoinks, Batman. I am out of horrible, stupid and not really relative jokes regarding the D’Antoni brothers.

The only head coaching experience Dan has is 30 years coaching high school basketball. Other than that, um, he was an assistant under his brother a bunch.

Pasta and basketball, friends. Pasta and basketball!

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