Mar 23, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams reacts in the first half of a men

North Carolina athletics loses their gosh slam minds (video)

I don’t have the words to properly describe what you are about to witness. I mean I’ll try, but I don’t think there’s any words currently in our language that can correctly paint the picture of the North Carolina Tar Heels losing their gosh slam marbles.

However, they aren’t losing their minds in a bad way. More of a Pharrell-Happy form of mind losing.

So, um, yeah.

Not only did the entire North Carolina athletic department apparently take some unapproved medication, but Roy Williams was swinging his arms and hips Fresh Prince of Bel Air style (otherwise known as doing the Carlton).

Williams was not the lone UNC basketball member to catch the fever. Marcus Paige also did his best to do whatever the hell it is they were trying to do.

Hopefully this does not become a Harlem Shake situation. If you have been lucky enough to black that part of history out of your mind, the Harlem Shake videos resulted in every blog on the Interwebs thinking we all wanted to see every college team in the country shake it like their hips didn’t lie.


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