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Oregon: Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis and Brandon Austin suspended, rape investigation involved

The Oregon Ducks suspended three players on Monday morning. The news that Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis and Brandon Austin were each not participating in team activities was initially just a weird, eye-catching headline. Now, however, reports have surfaced that Dotston was suspended following an  investigation into an alleged forcible rape that occurred in March.

Andrew Grief of the The Oregonian first reported the news. Grief also pointed out that Artis and Austin were both named in the report, but that police haven’t charged either due to a lack of evidence.

Charges against Dotson, according to ESPN, are not going to be filed either.

In a statement, the district attorney’s office said, “While there is no doubt the incidents occurred, the conflicting statements and actions by the victim make this case unprovable as a criminal case.”

ESPN also reported, before the news broke, that Artis would be leaving the program. With a scandal, possible victim and all sorts of other dark clouds now looming over the Oregon program, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if all three players were to leave the program.

As we have learned a million times in the past (see: Duke lacrosse, Jameis Winston, slew of others) there is no need to rush to judgement on either side. No one currently knows what is going on. Until we do, keep it classy and remember that there are three accused and one alleged victim here. Speculation helps no one. Not the victim nor the accused.

You can read the police report in full here (Warning, very graphic).

Busting Brackets will keep you posted as more information becomes available.


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