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Oregon was told by police to allow players under rape investigation to participate in NCAA Tournament

More news concerning the Oregon Ducks players who were suspended following a rape  investigation has come to light. This news deals with one of the largest questions that stemmed from the police report. As in, given the timetable of events, why was  Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis and Brandon Austin allowed to participate in the NCAA Tournament despite being accused or rape.

Now, we kind of have answers.

Oregon, as in the school, was area of the situation. However, they were told by police to allow the players to participate in all postseason activities.

Seems pretty strange, right? The police interjecting itself with the school, telling them what to do, and not suggesting any form of punishment or whatnot?

Well, according to them, the police had a good reason. It was so it wouldn’t jeopardize the case against the three players. As said in a statement via senior director of public affairs Tobin Klinger:

 “Upon receiving information such as this, the university’s procedures are to immediately provide services and support,” Klinger wrote. “Prior to the NCAA Tournament, the Eugene Police Department told the university that if it took investigative or administrative action, it would jeopardize the integrity of the criminal investigation and, therefore, requested that the university not take action at that time.”

There are still many more questions than answers at this point, but at least a little bit of the timeline, which seemed to raise some alarming questions, has been explained.


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