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AAC schedule releases in-conference 2014-15 pairings

The American Athletic Conference turned out to be pretty good last year. However, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee didn’t feel like they were all that special, as they did snub SMU from going dancing in March. But I digress. Life moves on. So too does the AAC. Which is why fans of the league, Mike Aresco, and all things patriotic should be thrilled the AAC schedule now shows the pairings for the 2014-15 season.

Each team has to play eight of its AAC brethren twice. That type of setup does result in two remaining programs. The two leftover conference opponents will each be played once, with one game being at home and the other on the road.

Obviously, no dates or anything like that have been announced yet. But it is nice for people to start mentally gameplanning for which home games might be of interest to them.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • UCF: Tulsa (home), UConn (away)
  • Cincinnati: USF (home), Tulsa (away)
  • UConn: UCF (home), Houston (away)
  • East Carolina: Tulane (home), SMU (away)
  • Houston: UConn (home), Temple (away)
  • Memphis: Temple (home), USF (away)
  • USF: Memphis (home), Cincinnati (away)
  • SMU: East Carolina (home), Tulane (away)
  • Temple: Houston (home), Memphis (away)
  • Tulane: SMU (home), East Carolina (away)
  • Tulsa: Cincinnati (home), UCF (away)


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