Mar 20, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self addresses the media at a press conference during their practice session prior to the 2nd round of the 2014 NCAA Men

Kansas coach Bill Self wants NBA age-limit raised

Ever single person who likes basketball and has the ability to call the planet Earth home as an opinion about the NBA Draft age-limit/restriction rules. No matter the side of the argument, the debates are usually had using ill-conceived narratives, uneducated insights, as well as some false equivalencies. Really, hooray, right? Well, kind of, I guess. Regardless, Kansas Jayhawks head coach, Bill Self, has an opinion on the matter too. So…

(H/T Lawrence Journal-World)

“I have a hard time saying if you have LeBron out there the kid couldn’t leave out of high school. I think it would be sad to have LeBron have to stay two years in college,” Self said on Philly radio. “There’s probably no way to do this, but I wish there could be a committee in place to evaluate high school kids. Of course there would be maybe one or two a year qualified to make the jump. After that, the kids need to stay in two years.

“I think that (committee decision) would be best for everybody,” he added. “It gives kids an opportunity to leave who can leave. It would eliminate bad decisions. On the flip side, kids would have the opportunity to stay in college two years and not make a mockery possibly out of the academic system, so I think it would make the best of all worlds. I think there’s a good chance it will go to two years.”

I’m not going to throw my thoughts on this matter down here, but it is easy to see why Bill Self thinks (and, more importantly, says) what he does.

No matter really, though, as it is an NBA decision to be had. Not a decision that any college basketball coaches will have a ton of say in.

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