Five Most Bust Likely NBA Draft Prospects

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NBA Draft

NBA Draft stuff. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft is near. So, so very near. Like, just a day and few hours from now type of near. Which means that NBA general managers are in the midst of severely overrating some prospects. That’s because — no matter where they pick — it is really awesome to pin one’s hopes, dreams and careers on the possibility that some freckle faced teenager will be the savior to a lowly franchise.

Between upside, potential, raw athleticism,  high motor, just needs to work ons, etc., it is pretty easy to talk yourself into loving nearly any NBA Draft prospect. Heck, ignore all the facts and you can find yourself loving Joe Alexander all over again. I mean, nothing says NBA future just like a good year, right? Seriously, people fell in love with Mitch McGary last year, had him pegged as a top-four pick, and now he is looking at the back-end of the first-round. So, yeah, people can fall in love with players because of a variety of reasons — a lot of them not being good ones.

That is why we are going to take a look at college prospects who are most likely to end up NBA Draft busts. How we go about determining that has nothing to do with scientific knowledge, though. Instead we take a look at how highly some experts think of certain players, compare that to the player’s actual current abilities, and then find out if there happens to be a realistic chance that this player could be all bust and no boom goes the dynamite.

However, we will leave the potential riddled prospects like Andrew Wiggins out of this. We get it. He has a lot of work to do to improve his game, but he will — at worst — be a really good NBA defensive player. That doesn’t  exactly scream bust. Sure, he might not necessarily live up to being the top pick or a top-three pick, but being a competent NBA player does not put you on this list.

What does put a player on this list, though, is the chance that he might be out of the league, entirely, before that player has an ability to sign a second contract.

Be warned, NBA general managers and fans, this isn’t going to be pretty.

Note: Only college players are being considered to be likely NBA Draf bust-ish type players. We are a college basketball website after all.

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