Atlantic 10 logo gets a new fancy logo design (Photo)

The Atlantic 10 might be one of the more underrated leagues in the entire country. Between power conferences and leagues we think are power conferences but are actually as stinky as three-month old milk, it can sometimes seem like we treat the Atlantic 10 like our least favorite child — who also happens to have red hair and you are still waiting for the test results back because there is no way you are Lucas’ dad. Eh, I digress. Take a look at the Atlantic 10 logo. It is new and fancy.

H/T College Basketball Talk and Rob Dauster (he’s the dad, for what it’s worth)



Personally, I like it. It is pretty simple, a couple different variations of it and there is a shadow. And, I mean, people freaking love shadows! Seriously, shadows are to people getting pumped as the Shadow People are to killing people in their sleep.

What do you think of the new Atlantic 10 logo? Is it everything you would hope the Atlantic 10 logo would ever be? Do you miss the new Atlantic 10 logo? Do you wish I would stop typing the Atlantic 10 logo? Well, the Atlantic 10 logo things you are not too cool for school, so there’s that.

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