Top 5 Gutsiest Shots in March Madness History

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On the heels of the Nebraska Huskers announcing that they’ve added Ali Farokmanesh on their staff, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Of course, Farokmanesh is most known for his role in Northern Iowa’s upset of Kansas (which we’ll look at later), leading us to look at the gutsiest shots in NCAA Tournament history.

Defining “gutsiest” is an imperfect task. There isn’t a set definition with perfect examples. However, there are more than enough that qualify as gutsy shots.

Gutsy could mean many things, but in this context, it means taking a shot that not many people would. With the game on the line, with a chance to ice the game, or with a moment to stamp your mark on March Madness lore, all qualify as gutsy shots.

Have I left something off? Most likely. Did I do it on purpose? Negative. Keep in mind this is a list for fun and to reminisce. If I left something off, let me know down below!

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