Top 10 Current Rivalries in College Basketball

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In no other sport are rivalries more heated and passion-filled than college sports. While college football has it’s stake in this, nothing can beat the atmosphere inside a gymnasium when two teams who despise each other lineup on opposite ends of the court for tip-off.

In the long history of NCAA basketball, there have been many rivalries. Some were short-lived, others have lasted the test of time (and, more recently, conference realignment). Some still draw the utmost resentment out of the fans, no matter if they be conference rivals or not.

Our list will look at those that still live. Those current rivalries that leave fans on the edge of their seats, if they’re sitting down at all. This if for the rivalries still being played out (sorry Kansas-Missouri, Indiana-Kentucky, and Syracuse-Georgetown). Let’s look at the games that really make the blood boil

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