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PJ Hairston Saga Update


Last week, we reported to you that another link between UNC’s PJ Hairston and Haydn Thomas, the man whose rented car Hairston was riding in when he was charged for possession of marijuana.

The report claimed that Hairston had previously been cited for speeding violations in a rented car that was registered under the name of a woman who shared a living address with Thomas. That made it very doubtful that Thomas had never Hairston as he has previously claimed.

Since it has been discovered that he owned the rental car, Thomas has been denying that he knows Hairston and that he only has pictures with them on social media because he is a party organizer. He has also leaned on the fact that he knows, Hairston’s friend, Miykael Faulcon, who was in the car with Hairston. In fact when it was first discovered that Thomas owned the rental, he told USA today that he knew Faulcon.

“I don’t know P.J. Hairston,” Thomas told USA TODAY Sports. “I know Miykael, his friend. I don’t know anyone at Carolina. I don’t even like the Carolina team. Look at the age disparity between me and those boys. I could be their father.”

That is how, according to Thomas, Hairston ended up driving the rental car. He had loaned it to Faulcon, not Hairston, and didn’t know the UNC forward would be in the vehicle as well. Well as mentioned on College Basketball Talk, Eric Prisbell of USA today spoke with Faulcon’s mother recently and in two separate tweets, announced that her son has no relationship with Thomas and was only in the rented car because he is friends with Hairston.

If that is true, it rebukes Thomas’ story that he lent the car to Faulcon and makes it seem really questionable about why he would lie about how the car ended up in Hairston’s hands. At this rate, this is looking worse and worse every day for UNC who has had to deal with Hairston’s arrest, his NCAA probe and their own academic investigation that is ongoing.