Busting Brackets

Two 2014 Recruits Cut List to 10


Super teams in basketball have become sort of a popular thing. Players want to play with guys who are as talented as they are. When you think about it, it makes sense. If the team is highly talented, it stands to reason that it should win more games.

Though the idea of super teams are not new to the sport, they have been happening a lot more often ever since Lebron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in Miami. Since then, the Lakers have tried it, Brooklyn is doing it now and at the collegiate level, Kentucky has an absolutely star studded recruiting class coming in this year.

With this thought in mind, with two ESPN top 100 recruits from 2014, Abdul-Malik Abu and Jared Terrell, cutting their list to 10 schools, it should come as no surprise that a lot of people expect them to commit to the same school. The final lists was first reported by Hoop Dreams Magazine. The two young men currently play on the same AAU program and have expressed interest at continuing their partnership at the next level.

The final schools are as such, for Abu: NC State, Florida, Kansas State, Miami, Kentucky, Iowa State, UConn, Providence, UCLA and St Johns. Meanwhile, Terrell’s last 10 are: Florida, UConn, Cincinnati, Providence, Miami, Ohio State, St Johns, UCLA, Rhode Island and Xavier. That means that 60 percent of their finals choices are the same.

While it is not a given that these two will end up playing on the same team, it is safe to say that the odds are pretty good. Familiarity is a good thing for guys when they are joining a whole new team for the first time, having at least one other person that is familiar with you is a definite bonus and helps with comfort.