Busting Brackets

Malik Newman to Play at Prime Prep


For a school that experienced some eligibility scares only a month or so ago, Prime Prep is sure looking like one of the best high school teams in the nation. Yesterday it was announced that Malik Newman would be coming over and joining Emmanuel Mudiay in the backcourt. The news was confirmed by Mudiay on his twitter account.

Ranked in the class of 2015, Newman is in the top three on all major ranking boards and could be the best natural scorer in high school basketball right now. Combined with the passing ability of point guard Mudiay, they should form one of the most unstoppable duos in the nation.

Currently, Newman has been offered by Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi State and North Carolina State. There has been no real indication from the young shooting guard as to which school might be a favorite and he has no pressure on rushing a decision. All that matters to him at the moment will be following a solid sophomore season with an even stronger junior season and showing that he has added even more moves to his repertoire.

While Prime Prep players Jordan Mickey and Karviar Sheperd had been rumored to be academically ineligible for the NCAA because of some Prime Prep classes, they were both ultimately eligible. With that scare out of the way, it allowed for Mudiay to announce he would be coming back and made it a much easier decision for Newman to transfer. Once the chemistry between Mudiay and Newman kicks in, they will be fun to watch and scary to play against.