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Texas A&M Nets Alex Robinson


Feb 7, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A

Some big news for Texas A&M today as Alex Robinson, a top 100 recruit in 2014, announced he was headed to the Aggies following his senior season. This is great for all the A&M fans out there as Robinson should be ready to contribute from his first day on campus.

Pegged as a very complete player, Robinson knows how to control an offense and set the tempo for his team. He is a very traditional point guard in that sense because he likes to look for others and looks to create more than score. On the break, he pushes the ball up extremely quickly and works very well in a fast paced offensive system.

Defensively, his lanky frame and speed will make him a force in the passing lanes and in his ability to keep players at the top of the perimeter. All in all, Robinson going to the Aggies is an obvious win for Texas A&M that will look to rebound back to their Acie Law days of dominance.

Here is a video highlighting some of Robinson’s abilities.