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Rick Pitino is Looking More and More like Al Pacino


If you were expecting this to be “player-x has been awesome” or something along those lines, well, hoo-ha!

Busting Brackets doesn’t play by those fancy-smancy, regurgitation of another article or the like type of rules. If you want that you can go to another site. Now, if you are into some really bad attempts at humor, we are your guys.

Rick Pitino is one of the greatest coaches to ever wear a suit, yell stuff and win basketball games. He is also getting a little bit older. Much in the same way famed Hollywood talent, Al Pacino, is getting longer in the tooth. What they share in common — outside of their love for giving love — is how much they look like each other. Which wasn’t always the case.

For copyright purposes we can’t throw up a picture of the blind guy from A Scent of a Woman, so you’ll have to Google that puppy. Still, it is pretty common knowledge at this point — Rick Pitino and Al Pacino are dopplegangers. So much so that inside sources have told me that Pitino filled in for Big Al in the Phil Spector movie.

And when I say sources, I mean me completely making it up. But still, prove me wrong.