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Wright State Senior Jerran Young with Dunk of the Century of the Week (Video)


Nov 13, 2013; Washington, DC, USA; Wright State Raiders forward Jerran Young (4) moves the ball up the court past Georgetown Hoyas center Joshua Smith (24) during the first half of the game against the Georgetown Hoyas at Verizon Center. Georgetown Hoyas defeated Wright State Raiders 88-70. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Good dunks come and good dunks go, but great dunks last a lifetime or something. Nobody tell that to Wright State Raiders senior, Jerran Young, however. On Thursday night the forward went all crazy, stupid, in love dunkface-magoo on the nation.

(H/T to ThaCover2 for bringing this to our attention)

That is one pretty awesome dunk-a-roo. Alas, now it is time for the semantics.

Wright State eventually destroyed Eastern Illinois 70-43 that night. Making the moment that much more awesome and far less bittersweet. The win improved the Raiders’ record to 6-7 on the season and snapped a four game losing streak.

Young — who is 6’6″, only averages 17 mpg and 7.9 ppg — is clearly a man who thinks gravity is either fictitious or some form of wussy. I am not sure if he does this on the regular, as I haven’t watched a ton of Wright State this season (lol because it’s funny), but it sure seems like he is more than capable of doing that all the time.

We are also not sure where this will rank with the rest of the college dunks at the end of the year. Although, as of this very moment in time (December 20th, 2013 AD), this is easily the dunk of the century of the week of the day of this very second.

Hyperbole, folks. It’s how we make our livings or something. Likely something, but whatevs with that nonsense.