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Could the SEC have 6 NCAA tournament Teams?

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Whenever the SEC is brought up in conversation these days, it’s usually related to the conference’s prowess in college football. But basketball? It’s usually an afterthought in that part of the country. However, as Bob Dylan once wrote: “The Times They Are a-Changin.”

After only sending three teams to the NCAA tournament in each of the last three years, the SEC could conceivably send six(!) teams to the big dance this March.

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Throughout the first few months of the season it’s become clear that Kentucky is the best team in the country and could legitimately finish the regular season undefeated. Kentucky’s talent is a big reason why they could finish without a blemish on their record, but part of it is due to a lack of top teams in the SEC conference.

There are only a small handful of teams in all of college basketball who can match up with the Wildcats, so it’s unfair to expect anyone from the SEC to step up and beat a team as talented as Kentucky. The lack of top teams in the SEC shouldn’t diminish the rest of the conference as there are a lot of schools that could make some noise come March.

Here are five teams outside of Kentucky that could make the NCAA tournament this season.

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