Ivy League Basketball: 2017-18 stars on each team in the conference

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Princeton went undefeated in conference play last year. For Ivy League basketball, there are several stars ready to fight back.

Last season was a historic one for the Ivy League. They played a four-team conference tournament for the first time ever, giving the automatic bid to the tournament winner rather than the regular season winner. Princeton made some history themselves, though, by going undefeated throughout conference play and winning the inaugural conference tournament.

The Tigers used their veterans against the relatively young rosters of their opponents, dominating defensively in a way their freshmen and sophomore opponents couldn’t handle. This upcoming season will be different, as Princeton is losing some players and others in the conference are becoming more experienced and gaining new talent.

The league appears to be divided into two sides. Princeton, Harvard, and Yale are on one side, while the rest of the league resides on another. This year seems to be the same situation, although some dark horse candidates for Player of the Year might have something to say about where their team ends up in the rankings. Considering that only the top four teams qualify for the conference tournament, garnering wins against the top teams will be paramount to locking down a spot.

With five of last year’s top seven scorers in the conference being underclassmen, some of the stars mentioned in this article are already starring in the Ivy. One fascinating aspect of this group is that out the ten guys mentioned, only one is a senior.

Let’s see who in this list breaks out this year to make an impact in the conference and the nation.

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